MiTek Releases Inaugural Sustainability Report

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Originally Published by: MiTek — June 3, 2024
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MiTek, a global supplier of integrated software, services, engineered products, and automated solutions for the building industry worldwide, is releasing its inaugural Sustainability Report. The report outlines the company’s progress within the framework of environmental, social, and governance (ESG).

“As an innovator and leader in the construction industry, MiTek recognizes that ESG factors are critical considerations for businesses worldwide,” said Rachel Seward, MiTek SVP of Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility. “Embracing sustainability represents a commitment to responsible business practices that benefit MiTek and our stakeholders, driving positive business outcomes such as a safety-first work culture, enhanced transparency and accountability, and decreasing our environmental impact. Our Sustainability Report represents a major milestone in our maturation as a company and will allow us to share our story with key stakeholders and bring others along with us on our sustainability journey as we continue striving to make a positive impact on people and our planet.”

MiTek uses a sustainability lens to evaluate ways to solve critical issues facing the building industry, such as the construction labor crisis and increasing demand for housing. Embracing sustainable business practices enables the company to better meet these challenges.

The report is the latest step in an ongoing process that kicked off in 2022 when the company conducted a greenhouse gas assessment and a Materiality Survey. Findings from the greenhouse gas assessment helped to understand the company's current emissions footprint and identify ways to reduce it. The Materiality Survey helped identify and prioritize key sustainability focus areas, such as customer protection and satisfaction, promoting ethical and transparent business practices, and a dedication to safety that significantly impacts team members, customers, and community partners, among others.

“We’re proud to share this first-ever Sustainability Report with our customers, team members, community partners, and other important stakeholders, as it provides a snapshot of where we are today and where we are heading on our journey toward integrating sustainable practices into our corporate strategy and operations,” Seward said.

Visit to view the executive summary and full Sustainability Report. For more information about MiTek’s sustainability journey or the Sustainability Report, please email