New Foundation Aims to Bring More Women into Construction

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Originally Published by: Builder Online — February 21, 2024
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The She Built Foundation, a newly established nonprofit, has announced its official launch. Founded by Mollie Elkman, author of “The House That She Built,” the organization is dedicated to inspiring girls to explore careers in the building and construction industry.

Courtesy She Built Foundation

Building on the success of Elkman’s book, the foundation aims to spark curiosity and excitement in girls by connecting their interests with the idea of shaping physical spaces. By reaching girls at the beginning of their journey, the founders hope to cultivate a robust pipeline of building and construction talent.

“We are taking action in response to the growing labor crisis facing the entire construction industry,” says Elkman. “While there certainly are solutions further down the pipeline, we recognize the need to engage girls at a young age and plant the seeds of curiosity and excitement. By creating a pipeline of talent through education, representation, and community engagement, we can future-proof the industry and ensure it reflects the diverse communities it serves.”

The She Built Foundation focuses on three key program areas: representation, education and skills, and community engagement. Through storytelling and content, the foundation challenges traditional ideas about who construction careers are right for, ensuring girls are aware of the opportunities available to them. Additionally, the foundation provides curriculum and programs and taps into the industry to establish ambassadors who serve as role models, mentors, and advocates.

To accelerate its work, the She Built Foundation is raising $1 million to distribute copies of “The House That She Built” to nonprofit organizations across the country, develop curriculum for youth organizations such as the Girl Scouts and the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, and scale the She Built Foundation Ambassador program to reach more communities nationwide.

“We are excited to invite corporate partners who share our values and vision to join us in our mission,” adds Elkman. “With their support, we can continue to drive awareness about the industry, develop an engaging curriculum, and expand our reach to inspire more young girls across the country.”