About SBCA

Established in 1983, the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA) is the only international trade association representing manufacturers of structural building components. Its membership also includes truss plate suppliers, original equipment manufacturers and resellers, computer software companies, lumber suppliers, builders and professional individuals in the fields of engineering, marketing and management.


The building industry will use high quality building components provided by SBCA member companies.


SBCA members will gain the knowledge and power to run successful, growing, profitable companies offering a compelling competitive advantage in the marketplace for their customers and professional growth for employees.


We provide the services our membership needs to continue expanding the market share of all structural building components by promoting the common interests of those engaged in manufacturing trusses, wall panels and related structural components to ensure growth, continuity and increased professionalism, which will strengthen the structural building component manufacturing industry's influence.

  • SBCA formulates policy that protects and advances the interests of its members by initiating and carrying out projects that address membership concerns and promote industry marketplace interests.
  • SBCA acts as the voice of the structural building components industry to legislative, regulatory and standards-generating agencies.
  • SBCA provides membership services, including addressing technical questions, serving members through the creation of various products and publications, and providing support to each SBCA committee.
  • SBCA supports each of its chapters to enable our industry to put a human face on the structural building components industry.
  • SBCA supports research, development and testing of structural building components - trusses, wall panels, and related structural components - to root the industry in sound engineering and improve the quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of our products, for the purpose of achieving greater product acceptance.

All structural building component businesses, material and equipment suppliers, and industry professionals.


SBCA desires to promote the safe, economic, and structurally sound use of structural building components, thereby increasing their market penetration.

By successfully implementing its policies and serving the needs of its membership, SBCA will have the potential to make a significant difference on behalf of the entire structural building components industry.


Structural building components are roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels that are custom designed and built in specialized manufacturing environments. Components are delivered to the jobsite where framers install them along with permanent bracing to create the overall structural system. Structural building components should not be confused with factory-built modular or mobile home construction, although components can certainly be used in those particular applications.

Components are used in all types of construction from residential to commercial to agricultural. The structural framing of a building can be entirely components or a mix of components and conventional or "stick" framing. Wood trusses are assembled from structural framing lumber and joints are fastened with metal connector plates. Cold-formed steel trusses are built with proprietary steel shapes and fastened with screws.

The structural building component industry has existed since the 1950s when the first metal truss plate connector was invented. Since that time, roof trusses, floor trusses and wall panels have become integral parts of residential and light commercial construction.

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