Schedule a Chapter Meeting

SBCA can provide a variety of content offerings for your meeting (you can select any of these options when filling out the form in step #2.

  • Home Innovation Research Labs Data – Data that can give real insight into how builders are choosing to frame structures and what trends are emerging on national, state, and metro levels.
  • Digital QC Demos – A demonstration of SBCA’s new Digital QC program. Free for members!
  • SBCA Products & Services Presentation – An overview of the products and services offered by SBCA.
  • SBCA Update – An update on what’s new at SBCA.
Step 1:

Download our sample agenda that includes the Antitrust Law Policy and customize it with your chapter's information and agenda items you would like discussed at the meeting. (Please note: If your chapter finances are managed by SBCA we will provide the financial information once your request for a meeting has been received.)

Download Sample Agenda

Step 2:

Fill out the Schedule an SBCA Chapter Meeting Form and submit it.

Schedule an SBCA Chapter Meeting

Step 3:

SBCA's Membership Coordinator, Talia Zanotelli, will reach out to you confirming that she has received the form. Talia will then send out a Doodle Poll to everyone in your chapter requesting their availability.

Step 4:

Once the deadline for answering the Doodle Poll has passed, Talia will schedule the meeting and send the updated agenda to the chapter president and treasurer for approval.

Step 5:

After the agenda has been approved by both the chapter president and treasurer, Talia will send out the finalized agenda to all invitees.

Step 6:

Download and customize our Antitrust Sign-In Sheet
*If your meeting is in person, please complete this form at the meeting.
**If your meeting is hybrid and/or online only a roll-call of the Antitrust agreement will be taken and SBCA Staff will keep track of the names.

Download Antitrust Sign-In Sheet

After the meeting
  • If SBCA Staff was present, they will send out the meeting notes. If SBCA Staff was not present and you would like for SBCA Staff to send out the meeting notes, please send them to Talia Zanotelli at, and she will forward them to the chapter members/attendees.
  • Please forward a copy of the Antitrust Sign-In Sheet to Talia Zanotelli,
  • An Industry News brief will go out to keep everyone informed at the national level.