Management Committee

Mission Statement

The committee will make recommendations to the Board on various management tools such as seminars, documents, management resource materials, etc. that, when offered for use by the component manufacturing industry, will enhance the professionalism of the industry, inform the fabricator and create membership benefits for all SBCA members.

Join the Management Committee


  • Roger Helgeson

    Roger Helgeson

    President, The Truss Company (Co)


  • Shawn Overholtzer

    Shawn Overholtzer

    SVP Components West Division, Builders FirstSource (Co)


  • Bill Blades

    Bill Blades

    Interstate Building Components LLC

  • Steve Broadbent

    Steve Broadbent

    Division Manager, Sunpro - Orem, W 800 N

  • Justin Groom

    Justin Groom

    Vice President of Operations, TrussWorks Operations LLC

  • Josh Hendrickson

    Josh Hendrickson

    President, Wilson Lumber - Madison

  • Anthony Sierra

    Anthony Sierra

    Regional Sales Manager, MiTek USA, Inc. - Chesterfield

  • Jeff Taake

    Jeff Taake

    VP Manufacturing & Commercial Sales, Regional Mgr, Mead Lumber Co. (Co)

  • Ken Veltkamp

    Ken Veltkamp


    General Manager, Truss Craft - Wyoming

  • Molly Butz

    Molly Butz

    Managing Director, Structural Building Components Association


  • Talia Zanotelli

    Talia Zanotelli

    Membership Coordinator, Structural Building Components Association