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Electronic BCSI Annual Subscription

IMPORTANT: The purchaser of this product will be the person able to log in and access the Electronic BCSI Booklet. Access instructions will be included in the order confirmation you will receive once the product is purchased so you can view the booklet on SBCA's BCSI Portal.

Produced by SBCA, BCSI is the truss industry's guide for jobsite safety and truss performance.  This digital edition includes the most current information regarding the handling, installation, restraining and bracing of metal plate connected wood trusses. 

Digital Functionality Includes

  • Bookmarking
  • Note-taking
  • Available on up to three devices (web browsers)

BCSI includes information and guidance pertaining to diagonal bracing for web members with two rows of lateral restraint, as well as permanent lateral restraint and diagonal bracing guidance for trusses spaced wider than 2' o.c. With references to building codes, standards and OSHA regulations, BCSI consists of ten chapters that contain the most current information regarding the handling, installing, restraining, and bracing of metal plate connected wood trusses.

IMPORTANT: Please read the Electronic BCSI License Agreement thoroughly before purchasing. A reminder that the following is just one part of the License Grant and Limitations:

Licensee agrees not to modify, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer the Electronic BCSI and will not print, copy, paste the content from the Electronic BCSI, and will furthermore not rent, lend, or transfer the Electronic BCSI to any third party. Licensee may use the Electronic BCSI only on web browsers owned and/or duly licensed by Licensee and shall comply, and ensure Licensee’s employees comply this Limitations section of the Agreement. 

Non-Member Price: $36/yr
Member Price: $12/yr