IT Committee

Mission Statement

The IT Committee will promote the sharing of knowledge and expertise among component manufacturing (CM) industry IT professionals, as well as to monitor, advise, and offer direction concerning computer-related infrastructure issues affecting CMs. The committee’s goal is to explore critical information and technology best practices and trends, and if necessary, create draft policy or provide recommendations for consideration by the appropriate committee or Board of Directors.

Many industries have data standards to help ensure the interoperability of the machinery and software involved in building, designing, and shipping their products. Following BCMC 2017, SBCA’s IT Committee began working on a component industry data standard and unified file format.

Join the IT Committee


  • Greg Dahlstrom

    Greg Dahlstrom

    Senior Manager of Manufacturing Technology, ABC Truss - Eagan


  • Kevin Witt

    IT Manager, True House Inc. - Watkinsville


  • Scott Albritton

    VP of Operations, Rogers Manufacturing Corporation - West Monroe

  • Thomas J Christensen

    SBCA TTT Level 2

    Design Manager, PDJ Components, Inc.

  • John Croll

    Customer Support, Alpine, an ITW Company - Glenview

  • Jason Hikel

    Jason Hikel

    Director of IT, Shelter Systems Limited (Co)

  • Scott McDonald

    Product Manager, SL-Laser Systems LLC

  • Molly Butz

    Molly Butz

    Managing Director, Structural Building Components Association