Plant Tour Resources

The largest hurdle to hosting a plant tour is having enough time. That's why we continue to create tools like those below to make it as easy as possible to host a tour.

The primary motivation to hosting a plant tour is to develop a mutually beneficial relationship with a supplier, potential customer, a city official, and many others in your community.

A truss plant is the best location to help start, and foster, that relationship. Giving a tour provides you with an opportunity to bring that person into your world and allow them to experience first-hand what you see and work with on a daily basis. Plant tours offer the opportunity to physically point to, and even touch, aspects of the plant, making it easier to show the benefits you and your company provide and how your company contributes to the structural framework of buildings and the overall economy in your market.

The following resources can help you prepare and implement a plant tour.

Plant Tour Checklist

Plant Tour Toolkit

If you have questions or need help planning a plant tour, contact SBCA.