Membership Committee

Mission Statement

The committee will advance the component industry through a united effort that can only be achieved by representing the entire industry through membership.

Attendance Requirement

The Membership Committee will meet 7 times per year. There will be 3 in-person meetings at Open Quarterly Meetings and 4 virtual meetings via Zoom.

Committee members are required to attend two out of the three in-person meetings and three out of the four virtual meetings.

Join the Membership Committee

Committee Resources:


  • Larry G Dix II

    Larry G Dix II

    Owner, Apex Truss


  • Gene Frogale

    Blue Ocean Development


  • Parker Dixon

    Parker Dixon

    Business Development Manager, True House Inc. (Co)

  • Ben Hershey

    Ben Hershey

    CEO & President, 4Ward Solutions Group (Co)

  • Norm McKenna

    Norm McKenna

    Executive Director - Major Accounts, MiTek USA, Inc. - Chesterfield

  • Rick Moto

    Director of Engineering and Turnkey Operations, Toll Integrated Systems, Inc. - Morrisville

  • Sergio Robles

    Manufacturing Continuous Improvement Manager, US LBM Holdings LLC (Co)

  • Shawnee Roy

    Shawnee Roy

    Employee Development Specialist, Big C Lumber Structural Building Components

  • Abby Langenberg

    Abby Langenberg

    Director of Business Development, Structural Building Components Association


  • Molly Butz

    Molly Butz

    Managing Director, Structural Building Components Association