Top Chord Club

SBCA's Top Chord Club (TCC) program was developed to foster continued growth of the membership. Any SBCA member who sponsors a new member (i.e., encourages them to join) earns TCC points.

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Need some talking points to recruit new members? Visit our Member Benefits page. 

SBCA members will earn points according to the following schedule:

  • 5 points for signing up a new Design Professional Member and getting them to use our BCSI B3 summary sheet best practices for building designers, which is a tremendous assist with advocating for field best practices and enhancing field safety
  • 4 points for getting a Component Manufacturer that has not previously been buying and supplying JOBSITE PACKAGES to do so and/or getting a NFC member that has not previous been using FrameSAFE to do so. 
  • 3 points for signing up a new Component Manufacturer, Framer, Supplier, and/or Subcontractor member for SBCA, NFC or chapter membership. 
  • 2 points for signing up a new Design Professional Member, or a renewal for a Component Manufacturer or Supplier whose SBCA or chapter membership has lapsed. The same goes for signing up a renewal for a  NFC Framer member, Associate member/Sponsor or Skilled Subcontractor (names and numbers kept in confidence by NFC).
  • 1 point for signing up a Professional Member for SBCA, NFC or chapter membership. 

Learn how to earn Top Chord Club points with the Annual Membership Drive. Top Chord points accumulate annually from Annual Meeting to Annual Meeting. Club membership status is based on the following:

Member Status

Individuals become club members if they are members of SBCA and have accumulated three points (not necessarily in one year). This entitles them to one year of membership in the TCC. Benefits of membership are an invitation to the TCC Dinner and a white TCC pin. Individuals renew TCC membership when they earn three additional points in one year. (Example: A person can be a TCC member one year, then be dropped the next year because s/he did not earn three points. Then, when three points are earned in a year, s/he is considered a TCC member again.)

Lifetime Member Status

Individuals become TCC Lifetime Members when they earn a total of 25 points. They receive the following: a letter of congratulations; an invitation to the annual TCC banquet for themselves and a guest; a gold/blue TCC pin; and a TCC plaque that is engraved with Lifetime Member SBCA TCC with their names.

Diamond Club Status

Individuals become TCC Diamond Members after they have received 50 points. They receive: a letter of congratulations; an invitation to the annual TCC banquet for themselves and a guest; and a diamond TCC pin.

Top Chord Club Dinner

New, sustaining, Diamond, and Lifetime members are sent invitations approximately one month before the TCC reception and dinner at BCMC. A TCC Member listing is printed annually in SBCA Magazine.