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Combustible Dust Housekeeping Program
Forklift Safety Certification Program
In-Plant Basic Training
Operation Safety
TRUCK Driver Training Program
Truss Manufacturing Orientation
Technical Assessment Test Online (TATO) I & II
Truss Technician Training

Combustible Dust Housekeeping Program

combustible dust housekeeping program

The SBCA Combustible Dust Housekeeping program contains all you need to assess your company’s risk for combustible dust citations during an OSHA inspection and implement an effective housekeeping program for your production facility.

If I knew then what I know now about combustible dust and OSHA’s new requirements, I would have had a completely different housekeeping plan in place before that OSHA inspector walked in the door.This program outlines what OSHA and affiliated state government agencies are doing to crack down on combustible dust in manufacturing facilities. It helps management and production employees identify and quantify combustible dust in the facility. The tutorial walks through guidelines and checklists intended to help establish a comprehensive, formal housekeeping program. The Combustible Dust Housekeeping Program provides guidance for management to implement a housekeeping plan and gives production employees industry best practices and techniques for following that plan effectively. It covers collection methods from sweeping to using compressed air and reviews OSHA-required methods for proper disposal of combustible dust.
VP of Operations, Midwestern Component Manufacturer (3 Housekeeping Citations Issued in 2009)

Purchase Options: Company Access (company-wide access across all locations) or purchase Operation Safety (includes Combustible Dust program)

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Forklift Safety Certification Program

forklift safety logo

SBCA’s Forklift Safety Certification Program is a dynamic training program that integrates online training with hands-on exercises to provide a diversified course for your forklift operators. For new or experienced forklift operators, this program will help you train, evaluate and monitor your forklift operations all year long.

This program includes: Multi-media online training, hands-on exercises, daily and refueling checklists, certificates, operator test and set of 5 forklift safety posters.

Purchase Options: Company Access (company-wide access across all locations) or purchase Operation Safety (includes Forklift program)

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In-Plant Basic Training

In plant basic training logo

The process of training and acclimating new employees into a component manufacturing production plant can be a time-consuming and mind-numbing process. Let SBCA help with In-Plant Basic Training!

Created for brand new plant employees, this easy-to-understand educational program provides a solid understanding of industry basics and work done in the plant.

Purchase Options: Company Access (company-wide access across all locations) 

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Operation Safety

Operation safety logo

Protect your employees and your company by implementing your own customized safety program with SBCA Operation Safety. The Operation Safety Program also includes the SBCA Forklift Certification Program and the SBCA Housekeeping Program for Combustible Dust. This program also offers an official SBCA Operation Safety 100% voluntary certification.

All Employee Training Available in ENGLISH & SPANISH!

  • Safety Guidelines Documents
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Online Training
  • Online Documentation & Certification Software

Investing in a standardized, comprehensive safety program minimizes the risks faced by both your employees and your company. SBCA’s customizable template materials, developed specifically for the component industry, can help you implement a consistent, measurable in-plant safety program through education, training and certification.

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TRUCK Driver Training Program

TRUCK driver training logo

TRUCK is a comprehensive, industry-specific program that addresses the safety, risk and compliance aspects of material handling, product transport and safe operation of equipment.

A 2004 industry survey indicated that over 85% of component manufacturers own or lease a fleet of commercial motor vehicles (CMV). However, only a third developed what they consider to be a formal driver training program. Product transport is one of the greatest sources of risk and liability a component manufacturer faces. Product transport also presents a significant injury risk, from loading and unloading of product, to travel on public roads.

Insurance companies evaluate several factors in setting the premiums for auto/truck insurance. Those companies that have a formal driver training program can realize significant savings to their insurance premiums – not only by having the program in place, but by having trained employees who commit less mistakes that result in claims.

—Richard Langton, Wood Products Insurance Manager, Bowermaster & Associates

Purchase Options: Company Access (company-wide access across all locations) OR Individual Seats (single user access)

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Truss Manufacturing Orientation (TMO)

Truss Manufacturing Orientation logo

Truss Manufacturing Orientation (TMO) is an introductory training course for anyone with little or no truss industry experience. The program provides an excellent grounding in the industry with 10 units of material that can be reviewed at any pace.

A wide variety of topics on design, manufacturing and installation are presented, along with streaming videos, articles and access to numerous industry documents. Novice truss technicians, salespeople, estimators, administrative staff, suppliers and construction industry professionals will benefit from this introduction to the structural building components industry.

Purchase Options: Company Access (company-wide access across all locations, price based on annual sales volume) OR Individual Seats (single user access)

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Technical Assessment Test Online (TATO) I & II

TATO logo


Use TATO to determine if job candidates or current employees have the technical aptitude and skills required to succeed in the structural building components industry. It is not necessary for candidates to have any experience in construction or the truss industry in order to take the test.

Math and 3D visual skills are key in the truss industry. TATO1 helps hiring managers identify which sales, design and production personnel possess these skills.

TATO interactive online tests present a series of 50 questions in multiple choice or fill-in-the blank formats. The participant should have access to only the test, a paper and a pencil. Once the participant completes the test, usually after about an hour, the manager will receive results on which questions were answered correctly. 


TATO2 is an advanced truss industry specific test to determine a truss technician's level of knowledge and ability. It is a useful tool for taking inventory of design department skills, and helps clarify training priorities for individuals, as well as the entire design office.

TATO2 covers more advanced material from the Truss Technician Training (TTT) programs and should give managers a sense for whether or not a technician is ready for TTT. SBCA originally developed TATO2 at the request of truss design software companies in order to maximize software training time of incoming students.

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Truss Technician Training (TTT) Level I, II & III

Truss Technician Training logo

TTT Level I is an introduction for wood truss design technicians, estimators, and salespeople to acquire the design and engineering fundamentals of metal plate connected trusses. Students will be expected to perform calculations, solve problems, review presentations, and respond to interactive quiz questions interspersed throughout the sections. The purpose of the course is to examine industry design standards and factors affecting truss fabrication from design to installation and to prepare truss technicians for the Level I Certification Exam. 

Upon completion of this course, learners will have a better understanding of the truss design and manufacturing process, the application of trusses, basic math, trigonometry and load development as it relates to truss design, and be prepared to advance to Level II of Truss Technician Training. This course is best suited for individuals who have a basic knowledge of trusses and a desire to improve their technical skills and understanding of the truss industry.

To submit recertification credits, please visit the TTT Recertification page.

Contact staff to purchase TTT Level III.

TTT Level I Purchase Options:  Company Access (company-wide access across all locations, price based on annual sales volume) OR Individual Seats (single user access)

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TTT Level II Purchase Options:  Company Access (company-wide access across all locations, price based on annual sales volume) OR Individual Seats (single user access)

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TTT Level III Purchase Options:  Company Access (company-wide access across all locations, price based on annual sales volume) OR Individual Seats (single user access)

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TTT Certification

Reasons for TTT Certification:

  • Verify your training dollars are hitting the mark
  • Quantify your employees' technical knowledge
  • Promote to customers the expertise of your design team
  • Receive a customized electronic TTT Certification logo you can insert into drawings to assure customers they are dealing with one of the best trained technicians in the industry

The examinee must meet the exam eligibility requirements to take the exam.  A TTT certification is given with a score of at least a 65% grade. For additional information, view the exam details in the shop section of the website.  To submit recertification points, visit the recertification products.

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