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Operation Safety | Company Access

CORPORATE ACCESS PACKAGE: Unlimited access to Operation Safety for every person in your company for one year*

*To a maximum of 85 individual registrations. Additional seats may be purchased separately.

Employee Training

In order to prevent accidents, injuries and illnesses, everyone at your company must place as much emphasis on safety and health issues as they place on other issues, like production, sales and quality control.

The topics presented in the following Operation Safety modules will teach you to recognize and avoid the potentially safety risks at your component manufacturing facility. As an employee, one part of your job is to take personal responsibility for ensuring your own safety and health, as well your duty to protect the safety and health of others.

The goal of this safety program is to provide you and your co-workers with a safe and healthy environment. This means preventing unsafe activities, lowering hazards and having good communication between you and your safety team.

Manager Training

SBCA's Operation Safety Program helps you implement a customized safety program to keep your employees and your company safe. This program includes SBCA's Forklift Safety Certification Program and Combustible Dust Housekeeping Training Program.

Implementing a standardized, comprehensive safety program minimizes the risks faced by both your employees and your company. Use these training modules, along with the Operation Safety customizable template materials, to deploy a consistent, measurable in-plant safety program through education, training and certification.

This program can help you:

  • Minimize health and safety risks
  • Prevent unsafe acts
  • Control exposure to health and safety hazards
  • Communicate safety and health issues to your employees

The SBCA Store offers 18"x24" color, laminated posters to display simple safety tips to your plant employees. They include: forklift safety; hand tool safety; lockout/tagout; proper lifting; roller presses, vertical presses and finishing rollers safety; saw safety; working in hot conditions; and workplace violence. Learn More

Once the program is purchased, SBCA Staff will reach out to the enrolled individuals with instructions on how to access the program.

Non-Member Price: $1,250/yr
Member Price: $500/yr