Membership & Dues Information

Learn more about the variety of Membership types offered by SBCA and NFC.

Please contact staff if you have any questions regarding membership types and dues.

Component Manufacturer

Any firm, partnership or corporation engaged in the business of the manufacture and sale of trusses, wall panels, related structural components and/or subcomponents.

Dues Amount: Regular member dues are based on your total sales volume for structural building components manufactured at all of your member locations, that is, the most current year's sales of roof and floor trusses, wall panels, related structural components and/or subcomponents. Please refer to the chart below to find your dues amount.  [Note: all of this information is kept strictly confidential.]

Sales Range (Component Manufacturers) Component Manufacturer (CM) Dues*
$0 - $999,999 $516
$1,000,000 - $4,999,999 $984
$5,000,000 - $9,999,999 $1,800
$10,000,000 - $14,999,999 $2,976
$15,000,000 - $19,999,999 $4,224
$20,000,000 - $29,999,999 $6,024
$30,000,000 - $39,999,999 $8,426
$40,000,000 - $49,999,999 $10,860
$50,000,000 - $59,999,999 $12,756
$60,000,000 - $69,999,999 $15,372
$70,000,000 - $79,999,999 $18,096
$80,000,000 - $89,999,999 $20,748
$90,000,000 - $99,999,999 $23,208
$100,000,000 - $109,999,999 $25,656
$110,000,000 - $119,999,999 $28,116
$120,000,000 - $129,999,999 $30,564
$130,000,000 - $139,999,999 $33,024
$140,000,000 - $149,999,999 $35,460
$150,000,000 + Contact Staff

*Structural building component sales multiplied by .0002445, which aligns with the dues amounts calculated for the sales ranges above.

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Any firm, partnership or corporation engaged in the business of supplying products, equipment, machinery or services to manufacturers of roof and floor trusses, wall panels, related structural components and/or subcomponents for use in their business, and who is interested in furthering the purposes of SBCA.

Annual Dues: $852

If you are a truss plate manufacturer associate member, please contact staff.

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Any individual not actively connected with a business that is eligible for membership as a Regular Member or Associate Member, and who is interested in furthering the purposes of SBCA. Members in this category cannot be engaged in a business that primarily derives income from the component industry/framers.

Professional Member: $174

Enhanced Professional Member: $288 - which includes: a Design Professional Subscription with free technical resources including: BCSI, CFSBCSI, Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Handbook, access to all webinars and members-only webinars for continuing education credit, an online resource library and much more! Extra for Specifiers: BCSI-B3 Summary Sheet varied sizes for CAD - Standard industry details & guidelines for roof & floor system permanent bracing.

Framer Associate Professional: $103

Framer Student Professional: $52

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National Framers Council

Start here if you are a Framer or Supplier/Sponsor interested in joining the National Framers Council (NFC). A Framer Member of NFC is any individual, firm, partnership or corporation engaged in the business of structural framing or installed sales of components. An NFC Associate Members/Sponsors is any non-framer suppliers at either the national or regional level that help the council act as the voice of framers to regulatory and standards-generating agencies, as well as support research, development and testing of quality, efficient and cost-effective framing and safety techniques.

Framer Membership Dues are based on total units framed. 

  • Level 1: Student (please see Professional Membership below)
  • Level 2: 1-300 Units $396
  • Level 3: 301-600 Units $792
  • Level 4: 601-1,000 units $1,590
  • Level 5 1,000+ units $3,168

Framers are also encouraged to further support NFC with additional contriuntions. Those Framers contibuting beyong their prescribed dues will be recognized on he NFC Website. Additional contribution levels can be added to your Membership as a Product Add-on as follows:

  • Framer Platinum: $5,000
  • Framer Gold: $3,000
  • Framer Silver: $2,000
  • Framer Bronze: $1,000

For Framers purchasing FrameSAFE Safety Program Subscriptions, the following subscription rates apply:

  • Framer Level 2 Subscription: $234
  • Framer Level 3 Subscription: $618
  • Framer Level 4 Subscription: $900
  • Framer Level 5 Subscription: $1,134
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Skilled Subcontractor refers to all sub-trades of the framing industry and covers the various areas of installation specialty (walls, floors, roofs, siding, windows, house wrap, doors, balconies, porches, cornices/fascia, etc.).

Annual membership dues for Skilled Subcontractors is $234 and includes a subscription to FrameSAFE.

Skilled Subcontractors’ memberships will be processed through Professional Framers who require their Skilled Subcontractors to have a FrameSAFE subscription. In these cases, Professional Framers can collect and send the completed Skilled Subcontractor membership applications and dues payments to NFC.

Skilled Subcontractors will receive a customized copy of the Safety Manual, which can be provided electronically to the Skilled Subcontractor through the FrameSAFE Dashboard or as a hard copy in a physical binder for an additional cost of $195 (plus S&H).

The Skilled Subcontractor’s FrameSAFE manual will indicate their expiration date, which they can present on future jobs where a FrameSAFE subscription is required.

Understanding the strong relationships that Professional Framers have with their Skilled Subcontractors, NFC will keep all data related to Skilled Subcontractors strictly confidential. NFC will not list Skilled Subcontractor members on its website, nor will it distribute the names through any other means. 

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