BCMC Committee

Mission Statement

It is in the best interest of the structural building component industry overall to provide the best BCMC venue possible annually.

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  • Zach Shepherd

    Zach Shepherd

    Operations Manager, Engineered Building Design, L.C.

    BCMC Co-Chair

  • Michael Schwitter

    Director of Sales, Alpine, an ITW Company - Grand Prairie

    BCMC Co-Chair

  • Javan L Yoder

    Javan L Yoder

    Exec. VP, Stark Truss Company, Inc. - Canton 1

    Exhibit Chair

  • Tony E Acampa

    Tony E Acampa

    Design Team Lead, Shelter Systems Limited (Co)

    Education Chair

  • Tim Aspinwall

    Sales, Mindak Commercial Construction LLC

  • Dallas Austin

    Dallas Austin

    General Manager, Big C Lumber Structural Building Components

  • Chris Breedlove

    Chris Breedlove

    President, Ace Carpentry, Inc. (Co)

  • April Burt

    VP Customer Facing Technology , Simpson Strong-Tie - Boulder

  • Greg Dahlstrom

    Greg Dahlstrom

    Senior Manager of Manufacturing Technology, Villaume Industries

  • Greg Griggs

    Greg Griggs

    Senior Vice President Manufacturing, Builders FirstSource - Kennesaw

  • Joseph A Halteman

    Joseph A Halteman

    President, Wood Tech Systems - Fishers

  • Pedro Loureiro

    President, Nomad Framing LLC

  • Scott McDonald

    Product Manager, SL-Laser Systems LLC

  • Meranda Ory

    MiTek USA, Inc. - Chesterfield

  • Richard P Parrino

    General Manager, Plum Building Systems, LLC - Waukee

  • Tracy Roe

    Sales Executive, Eagle Metal - Dallas

  • Shawnee Roy

    Shawnee Roy

    Employee Development Specialist, Big C Lumber Structural Building Components

  • Darrin Schramm

    Stiles Machinery, Inc. (Co)

  • Steve Shrader

    Hundegger USA, L.C. (Co)

  • Chad Svedin

    Chad Svedin

    Customer Success, House of Design Robotics (Co)

  • Christopher Tatge

    Co-Owner, Dynamic Construction

  • Luke Wiesen

    Luke Wiesen

    General Manager, Truss Craft - Nebraska

  • Josh Wright

    Josh Wright

    Chief Operating Officer, The Truss Company - Sumner

  • Ali Saladin-Valerio CMP

    Ali Saladin-Valerio CMP

    Director of Events, Structural Building Components Association