Submit an Event

Please submit your event at least three months in advance to receive the full promotional exposure your event deserves.

Step 1: Read through the responsibilities below.

Step 2: Fill out the Submit an Event form.

Submit an Event

Step 3: SBCA’s Member Coordinator, Talia Zanotelli will reach out to you to schedule a kickoff call within 7-10 business days

Step 4: Kickoff Call

Step 5: After the kickoff call staff will provide a timeline of planning deadlines to ensure your event is successful. 

SBCA Responsibilities

  • Online event registration page. 
  • Event reminder emails for attendees. 
  • Registration will be tracked, and reports will be sent to the Event Chair once a week. 
  • Sponsorships will be tracked, and once limit has been reached, they will be removed from the website registration page. 
  • Registrants will be contacted with any questions regarding their registration before designated cutoff date. 
  • Registration report will be sent to the Event Chair after designated cutoff date. 
  • Event page on SBCA website with link on SBCA Calendar (will include a link on council or chapter’s web page)
  • Registration page on website 
  • Social Media Posts/MailChimp Email Blasts. 
    • One email blast and social media post per month until 1 month before event registration deadline with volume increasing to once a week in the final 30 days before the event registration deadline. 
    • If you’re collaborating with a charitable organization, social media posts can highlight this organization. 
  • Highlight in Industry News/Framing News
    • When registration opens. 
    • Based on availability. 
    • In the weeks leading up to the event. 
Sponsorship Fulfillment 
  • Sponsor recognition may appear on print collateral, signage, website, email, social media, giveaways, etc. 
  • Signage and printing (If applicable) – 6-week turnaround. 
    • Printed and shipped to location. It will be the Event Chair’s responsibility to store these items for future events. 
    • Pricing dependent on needs. 

If you would like SBCA to handle registration and billing, registrants will need to pay for their admission/sponsorship at the time of registration. 

Event Chair Responsibilities

  • Creation of budget 
  • Venue/hotel sourcing or providing recommendations for venue/hotel 
  • Contracting (SBCA Staff can review contracts if preferred) 
  • Providing key event details 
  • Providing general copy for event page, flyers or other promotional material 
  • Graphic design 
    • Staff can make recommendations on graphic designers or coordinate with SBCA contracted graphic designers and pass along charges 
  • Providing a photo for the event page 
  • A timeline will be provided to the Event Chair. It will be The Event Chair’s responsibility to stay on track with the deadlines provided. 
  • Telephone recruitment
    • SBCA staff can develop a general script for calls
  • Provide email list parameters for promotion/Forwarding email promotions or further reach