2023 Dues Letter from the President

On behalf of everyone at SBCA, thank you for being a member as our organization continues to grow! Your involvement in this member-driven association supports our industry, as well as the broader construction supply chain. Today, we are asking you to renew your membership for the coming year and continue your investment in our efforts to grow the voice of our industry as we seek to increase market share for our industry’s products and services! 

The direct benefits of membership continually increase in value. Last year, SBCA provided free access to its Digital QC program to all members.  Adoption of this program grew rapidly, with 329 locations now using this program! A robust in-plant quality control (QC) program is an essential part of producing a good product and allows users to quickly recognize when equipment isn’t calibrated correctly, or new production employees need additional training. In today’s fast-paced environment, SBCA’s Digital QC program will enable you to conduct inspections faster and give you access to meaningful data quicker.  If you haven’t already, sign up to start the on-boarding process. 

At the end of 2022, we also rolled out SBCA’s Financial Management Concepts training program. This five-hour online course is packed with valuable concepts. Anyone who has anything to do with the company’s financial systems can benefit from working through the first few training modules, and the main portion of the training program provides a number of tools and resources that are geared towards those who are engaged in the financials of a company. Finally, for those who are responsible for the financial management of their company, there are tools provided at the end of the program that even seasoned veterans should find helpful. Best of all, it is free to members, so sign up today

As a member, you also have access to the lowest price ($5.80) on the most effective risk management tool available to component manufacturers: SBCA’s Jobsite Package. You cannot find a more cost-effective way to protect yourself in the event of an installation error or construction defect lawsuit than SBCA’s jobsite package. If you aren’t sending one out with every job you deliver, I’d strongly encourage you to take another look at this simple and affordable tool.  If you are using the jobsite package, did you know it's also available in a customizable, electronic format

SBCA is committed to keeping you informed and engaged in everything impacting the component manufacturing industry. From advocacy on code changes, federal regulations, and legislation, to sharing the latest developments through SBCA Magazine, the week’s top industry news headlines, business podcasts, lumber podcasts, and an extensive library of educational webinars.  There are also a ton of tools and training programs available through SBCA’s website.  Don’t miss out on all these industry-specific resources. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend our industry’s trade show, BCMC|FS 2023, in Indianapolis, Indiana. New in 2023, the National Framers Council (NFC) Framer Summit will be fully integrated into BCMC! That means even more decision makers from the framer community will be joining us on the exhibit floor and in joint sessions. Nothing else comes close to the opportunity BCMC|FS gives each of us to share our struggles, our solutions, and learn together. I sincerely hope you’ll attend this year. Early bird registration just opened, so don’t delay and register today! 

Finally, SBCA is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. You are invited to be a part of the festivities at our Celebration Dinner kicking off BCMC on Tuesday, September 19. It will be a memorable night as we celebrate 40 years of community-building and take a stroll down memory lane with photos, video, and awards. Learn more and purchase your tickets on SBCA’s website


Gene Frogale 
2023 SBCA President 

Annandale Millwork and Allied Systems