2023 NFC Dues Letter from the President

On behalf of the National Framers Council (NFC), thank you for being part of our dynamic organization. Your support of this national association helps us develop and share much needed resources to the structural framing industry and the entire construction supply chain. I’m asking you to renew your membership for the coming year and continue your investment in our efforts to improve jobsite safety and increase the professionalism of every framer. Our core mission is to help every framing contractor member grow their business and be successful. 

Our goals include but are not limited to collectively creating a safer workplace for all framers, developing framing standards, educating members, offering best practices, building new relationships, and coming alongside framing contractors to help them find ways to take advantage of the opportunities in their market to grow their business and make their daily lives easier. 

Our partnership with the  Construction Industry Safety Coalition (CISC) is just one example of how are having a meaningful impact on workplace safety. The CISC is made up of 30 trade associations from all sectors of the construction industry, and focuses heavily on workplace safety and health, with each member committed to helping create safer construction jobsites for workers.  

We have also made significant progress towards further growing our relationship with OSHA and more specifically in Region 6 and Region 8. These close partnerships with OSHA will open up lines of communication throughout OSHA and allow our industry the opportunity to find common ground on challenging topics like workplace inspections and enforcement, as well as workability issues related to residential fall protection. 

The more framers we bring into the organization, the stronger we become as we seek to create framing standards for our industry.  As a member, you already understand the value of being part of the organization. I’m asking you to please help us reach out and bring more framers and general contractors into the NFC. Their involvement will not only help them up their game, it will also make your life easier as they tap into the best practices, standards and resources we’ve developed. 

Of course, one of the most valuable parts of your membership is the annual Framer Summit.  This year, the NFC Framer Summit will be fully incorporated in the BCMC show in Indianapolis, Indiana, with framer-focused booths on the BCMC exhibition floor and joint sessions, including kickoff speaker Rob O’Neill, Zonda’s chief economist Ali Wolf, and award-winning negotiator John Burrows. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet fellow framers, learn from speakers and peers at education sessions and roundtables, and gain insight into the latest trends in the structural framing industry. 

From updates to FrameSAFE to standards development to the Framer Summit, we continue to increase the value of the organization to the framing industry. All of this is made possible through our relationship with the Structural Building Components Association (SBCA). We continue to work closely together to expand opportunities for both framers and component manufacturers to collaborate and succeed together in the market.  

Chris Breedlove
2023 NFC President
Ace Carpentry, Inc.