Emerging Leaders

Learn more about the Emerging Leaders Committee and how to join!

The SBCA Emerging Leaders Committee was created to give the next generation of leaders in the structural building components industry and in SBCA an opportunity to meet one another, build lasting relationships, learn from others who will share their experiences, and gain a greater depth of knowledge of the industry and its trade association. The intent is to provide sustainability, growth, and enthusiasm for member companies and the association.

The committee is advancing its mission through the following activities:
  • Fostering SBCA member engagement through social events like Casino Game Night to welcome attendees of all ages to BCMC. (Read about the 2019 event.)
  • Raising funds for scholarships and other opportunities to assist qualified applicants with expenses related to attending SBCA Open Quarterly Meetings. (Read more about the 2020 scholarship recipients.)
  • Developing leadership development opportunities and workforce development initiatives to help CMs facilitate building relationships with teachers and students.
Requirements for Participation in the Emerging Leaders Committee:
  • An Emerging Leader (EL) must work for an SBCA member company in good standing and be nominated by someone in the leadership of that company who is willing to sponsor his or her participation and serve as a Local Mentor (LM). The LM does not need to be a board member of SBCA to make a nomination but should have the authority within his or her company to approve travel and other associated expenses on behalf of the EL.
  • Each EL/LM pair must commit to attending at least two of three Open Quarterly Meetings (OQMs) and BCMC per year for at least one year.
  • At the discretion of the president, an EL can participate in the committee without an LM.
  • ELs will receive training from staff and members of the Executive Committee regarding how meetings are conducted, committees available, tools/products from SBCA, etc. This training will be provided either at OQMs or via GoToMeeting during the course of the year.
  • In addition to participating in the goals and objectives of the Emerging Leaders Initiative, each EL must commit to serving on at least one SBCA committee. ELs will be given strong consideration for roles as vice-chairs of SBCA committees and will be looked to to lead meetings and focus groups at OQMs and BCMC.
  • Members of the committee will provide an update on the group’s work at each Board meeting.
  • The Emerging Leaders Committee will include both component manufacturers and suppliers.
How to Join

Contact us for more information about the Emerging Leaders Committee and upcoming events or submit your application here. Please select a Local Mentor and obtain his or her approval regarding the requirements of participation in this committee prior to submitting your application. If you have a need for financial assistance to participate in this program, consider submitting an entry for an SBCA Emerging Leaders Scholarship. Entries for 2022 scholarships are due November 1, 2021.

Emerging Leaders

Jason Hikel

Information Systems, Shelter Systems Limited (Co)


Michael Ruede Jr.

Michael Ruede Jr.

New/Used Equipment Sales Advanced solutions cnslt, Wood Tech Systems - Port St Lucie


Dallas Austin

Design Manager, Big C Lumber Structural Building Components

Justin Binning

SYP Trader, American International Forest Products

Greg Dahlstrom

Greg Dahlstrom

IT Manager, Villaume Industries, Inc.

Josh Dermer

Designer/QC, American Truss LLC

Sean Fitzpatrick

District Sales Manager, Alpine, an ITW Company - Wilmington

Justin Groom

General Manager, TrussWorks LLC

Shawnee Gunnett

Structural Estimator, Big C Lumber Structural Building Components

Joseph A Halteman

Joseph A Halteman

Vice President, Wood Tech Systems - Fishers

Jeff Hoggard

American International Forest Products

John Holland

Clearspan Components, Inc.

Darryl Hooper

VP of Operations, Southern Components, Inc. (Co)

Dustin Johnson

District Sales Manager, ITW Construction, N.A.

Stephen Keller P.E.

Product Portfolio Manager - ACS, MiTek USA, Inc. - Chesterfield

Mike Kozlowski P.E.

President, Apex

Joseph Nolte

Designer, Noltex Truss - Grandview

Justin Richardson

Justin Richardson

President of Richardson Industries, Richco Structures

Zach Shepherd

Zach Shepherd

Operations Manager, Engineered Building Design, L.C.

Tasha Brooking

Tasha Brooking

Manager, Quadd Building Systems LLC (Co)

Phillip Staples

Production Foreman, Wood Tech, Inc.

Bryan Sylvester

Vice President of Information Technology, California TrusFrame LLC (Co)

Ken Timmins

Trader, American International Forest Products

Jason Walsh

VP of Sales, California TrusFrame LLC (Co)

Luke Wiesen

Luke Wiesen

General Manager, Truss Craft - Nebraska

Molly Butz

Molly Butz

Managing Director, Structural Building Components Association (Co)