SBCA Builds House on National Mall in 12 Hours

Timelapse Video

This house was fully framed in less than twelve hours using the most cost-efficient, high-quality and labor-saving framing method.  Manufactured components are specifically designed and efficiently produced for each and every house – enabling endless layout possibilities only limited by your budget.

When you’re ready to embrace a more material-, cost-, and time-efficient framing solution, component manufacturers are ready to work with you.

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Stick Framing vs. Component Framing

Framing this house with manufactured components enables significant cost savings to the home builder over traditional framing methods.

Total Savings: $20,495

Savings that can be passed on to the home buyer!

Stick Framing Component Framing
Framing Materials $18,694 $15,908
Hardware $1,294 $1,294
Windows & Doors $2,387 $2,387
Framing Labor $29,684 $11,975
Total $52,059 $31,564

Advantages to Components

Overcome Material & Labor Shortages

Material availability and cost, and onsite labor shortages, continue to challenge builders. Manufactured components address both challenges, because advanced offsite production uses less people and materials to build more resilient, energy-efficient and affordable houses. 

This framing methodology is available to you today. Component manufacturers service 100% of the US – anyone can leverage the benefits of offsite manufacturing right now. 

No matter your lifestyle, desired square footage, or preferred options – manufactured components can frame any floor plan.

Build More Resilient Structures

Manufactured components do more than speed up construction cycle time. They’re designed specifically to exceed load requirements, resulting in higher-quality and more resilient structures. They can also be designed to better accommodate today’s advanced insulative materials for a more energy-efficient structure. 

Adapt to Building Code Changes Quickly

Any force you need to resist can be designed into the components and manufactured exactly to that plan. Manufactured components offer a better-performing structure – with no shortcuts.  Because manufactured components are individually designed and fabricated framing solutions, they’re adaptable to changes in building codes to achieve the resiliency, sustainability and performance required – anywhere in the country.  Thanks to today’s advanced design software and manufacturing techniques, framing components can incorporate everything from pre-installed doors and windows to electrical conduit, plumbing fixtures, and air ducts, further increasing jobsite cycle times. 

When you’re ready to embrace a more material-, cost-, and time-efficient framing solution, component manufacturers are ready to work with you.

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Thank you to the SBCA & NFC members that made this showcase exhibit possible:


  • Shelter Systems Limited 
  • Annandale Millwork & Allied Systems 

Windows, Doors, Hardware, and Material 

  • 84 Lumber 
  • Builders FirstSource 
  • Simpson Strong-Tie 
  • Huber Engineered Wood 
  • LMC
  • Modu-Tech 
  • Morse Lumber Company 
  • SENCO 
  • US LBM 

Framing Labor 

  • Ace Carpentry 
  • Nomad Framing 


  • Apex 
  • Belit 
  • True Design Studios 

Marketing Support 

  • MiTek 

Financial Support 

  • American Truss 
  • Dynamic Construction 
  • Dixie Component Systems 
  • Louws Truss 
  • TrussWorks LLC 
  • Whelan Advisory