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TTT Level I Proctored Retake Exam

Individuals enrolled in the TTT Exam will have 30 days to complete the exam.

Retake exams are only available if the student fails the first exam given. 

The TTT Level I Retake Exam is virtually proctored and requires a camera and audio as examinees will be asked to take a photo of themself and show a state-issued photo ID to verify their identity.  We use Integrity Advocate for our online exam proctoring and you can click here to learn more about what to expect from the online proctoring experience.

Reasons for TTT Certification:

  • Verify your training dollars are hitting the mark
  • Quantify your employees' technical knowledge
  • Promote to customers the expertise of your design team
  • Take advantage of the new extended TTT Certification period
  • Receive a customized electronic TTT Certification logo you can insert into drawings to assure customers they are dealing with one of the best trained technicians in the industry

A TTT Level I certification is given with a score of at least a 65% grade. 

Once the exam is purchased, SBCA Staff will reach out to the enrolled individual with instructions on how to access the exam.

Non-Member Price: $500
Member Price: $200