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TTT Level III Proctored Exam

Individuals enrolled in the TTT Exam will have 30 days to complete the exam.

Truss Technician Training (TTT) Level III Certification Exam Eligibility Requirements

  • Individual Level II Certification, or be either Manager, Owner, or Engineer, and
  • is enrolled in Level III

Reasons for TTT Certification:

  • Verify your training dollars are hitting the mark
  • Quantify your employees' technical knowledge
  • Promote to customers the expertise of your design team

The examinee must meet the exam eligibility requirements above to take the exam.  A TTT Level III certification is given with a score of at least a 65% grade. 

Once the exam is purchased, SBCA Staff will reach out to the enrolled individual with instructions on how to access the exam.

Non-Member Price: $1,150
Member Price: $460