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Jess Lohse Discusses New LMS and BCMC Registration


Jess Lohse Discusses OQM Schedule


Jess Lohse Discusses OQM Schedule


Jess Lohse Update on 2021 Member Dues


Jess Lohse Update 5/6/2021

Jess Lohse & Molly Butz Update 4/30/2021

Molly Butz and Jess Lohse talk about SBCA's association management software and more!

Jess Lohse Update 4/22/2021

Jess Lohse Update 4/15/2021

Financials, integrations, and how we are improving transparency for SBCA's board

Jess Lohse Update 4/9/2021

Executive Director Jess Lohse talks about why SBCA created a new pubs store and how you can purchase jobsite packages, tags, BCSI documents and much more in just a few clicks.