4Ward Solutions Group (Co)

26910 92nd Avenue NW Ste C-5 #452 Stanwood, WA 98292-5438 USA



Member Since: 2012

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Organization Overview

4Ward Solutions Group is the industry expert in Offsite Manufacturing, Lean Management, Robotics & Automation, Startups & New Products, Component Design, Moducore®, and Software Development. Our combined 250+ years of experience and resources take your business to the next level by improving your efficiency, increasing profitability, and reducing waste while focusing on modernization and innovation. Our in-house team of experienced veterans has extensive knowledge in all areas of the building industry and hands-on experience as owners and operators.
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Ben Hershey

CEO & President

Accounting Team

Bob Bender

Chris Weintraut

Consulting Solutions Provider

Colby Swanson

Darren Hamar

Consulting Solutions Provider

Dianne Hershey

Madison Cox

Executive Assistant

Michael Ruede Jr.

Advanced Equipment/Plant Solutions Consultant

Michael Ruede, Sr.

Chief Operating Officer

Owen Eldridge

VP Consulting Operations

Roger Wagner

Solutions Consultant/Manager Design Solutions

Tomasz Cwik