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Member Since: 1994

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All WizardPDS® Perimeter Definition Systems are 100% Automated with NO manual jigging and include patented 2-pins per per channel, open channel design and near-ZERO setup time. WizardPDS® ChannelS® will retrofit any table.

Add as much, or as little, WizardPDS® automation as you need; the entire table line or a 40' section to capture the bulk of your schedule – in fact, with the time-intensive setups dedicated to your WizardPDS® automation, your manual table is now free to maximize its potential with longer runs and basic truss geometry. And WizardPDS® is fully expandable, allowing you to add additional 100% automated jigging to your tables at any time.
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G. Mitchell Eide


Callie Kinser

Graphic Designer

Thomas P Hoy

Vice President/GM