SBCA Magazine,

For decades, SBCA’s online training programs have always been a valuable resource to component manufacturers (CMs). There is nowhere else a CM can find industry-specific training created with the help of their peers, tailored specifically to address the unique challenges this industry presents to workers.

The association’s entire library of online education is now available through SBCA Academy, its new learning management system (LMS) hosted by Brightspace. The course catalog includes these popular programs:

Truss Manufacturing Orientation (TMO)

Truss Manufacturing Orientation (TMO) is an introductory training course for anyone with little or no truss industry experience. Novice truss technicians, salespeople, estimators, administrative staff, suppliers, and construction industry professionals will benefit from this industry introduction.

Technical Assessment Test Online (TATO)

Use TATO to determine if job candidates or current employees have the technical aptitude and skills required to succeed in the structural building components industry. Math and 3D visual skills are key in the truss industry. TATO 1 helps hiring managers identify which sales, design, and production personnel possess these skills.

Truss Technician Training (TTT) Level I, II & III

TTT Level I is an introduction for truss design technicians, estimators, and salespeople to acquire the design and engineering fundamentals of metal plate connected wood trusses. The purpose of the course is to examine industry design standards and factors affecting truss fabrication from design to installation, and prepare truss technicians for the Level I certification exam.
Upon completion of this course, attendees will have a better understanding of the truss design and manufacturing process, the application of trusses, basic math, trigonometry, and load development as it relates to truss design, and be prepared to advance to Level II of Truss Technician Training.

Forklift Safety Certification Program

SBCA’s Forklift Safety Certification Program is a dynamic training program that integrates online training with hands-on exercises to provide a diversified course for your forklift operators. For new or experienced forklift operators, this program will help you train, evaluate, and monitor your forklift operations.

Operation Safety

Protect your employees and your company by implementing your own customized safety program with SBCA Operation Safety. This program also offers an official SBCA Operation Safety 100% voluntary certification. All materials are available in English and Spanish.

Combustible Dust Housekeeping Program

The SBCA Combustible Dust Housekeeping program contains all you need to assess your company’s risk for combustible dust citations during an OSHA inspection and implement an effective housekeeping program for your production facility.

In-Plant Basic Training

Created for brand-new plant employees, this easy-to-understand educational program provides a solid understanding of industry basics and work done in the plant.

TRUCK Driver Training Program

TRUCK is an industry-specific program that addresses the safety, risk, and compliance aspects of material handling, product transport, and safe operation of equipment. Those companies that have a formal driver training program can realize significant savings to their insurance premiums.

Accessing SBCA Academy content is incredibly simple and straightforward. After purchasing access through SBCA’s website (, an account for the company is created allowing a manager to login to SBCA Academy (

Once logged into SBCA Academy, managers will have a dashboard that allows them to see all the training programs the company has access to and gives them the ability to add additional students to each training program and get them up and running quickly. For individual students, they will find SBCA Academy’s new interface easy to navigate and access to content in line with today’s online training environment!