April 28, 2021: Lumber Demand Won’t Change; Stay in Front of It

Lumber Connection,

Justin Binning and Ken Timmins with American International Forest Products (AIFP) provide a snapshot of the current lumber market. Both experts express their frustration and exhaustion with the current lumber market due to the lack of supply in almost every species and grade; demand has far outstripped current supply on every level and there does not appear to be any relief in the near future. For the panel market, not only is wood fiber scarcity an issue, there is also a significant resin shortage that is making OSB and plywood incredibly difficult to source. Until the factors that are prompting incredibly strong demand change, the current market conditions will likely continue. Justin has been with AIFP since 2010 with a focus in Southern Yellow Pine and Ken has been with AIFP since 2017, specializing in Fir species. Both specialize in high grade lumber for the component manufacturing industry.