Arkansas Community Celebrates Truss Plant Opening

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Originally Published by: Washington County Enterprise-Leader — November 3, 2021
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Summit Structural Systems uses state-of-the-art technology to produce wood trusses for residential, commercial multi-family and agricultural construction projects.

LYNN KUTTER ENTERPRISE-LEADER Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce sponsored a ribbon cutting ceremony for Summit Structural Systems, 706 S. West Ave., in Lincoln.

Lincoln Area Chamber of Commerce welcomed the new business to the community with its traditional ribbon cutting ceremony on Oct. 19. Summit provided lunch and Mike Sims, operations manager, gave a tour of the company's facility at 706 S. West Ave.

LYNN KUTTER ENTERPRISE-LEADER Mike Sims, operations manager of Summit Structural Systems in Lincoln, gives a tour of the plant. Summit produces trusses for construction projects.

The building has been used in various ways in the past. It was an egg processing center, a metal polishing company and most recently had been used as a warehouse.

Ashley Cummings with Summit said the owner, Jon Tuggle, purchased the building in August 2020 and opened it in January 2021. The first truss rolled out of the building in mid-January, she said.

Cummings said the plant resulted from Tuggle and his partner, L.D. Harris, who own TCM Enterprises in Fayetteville, finding out about a need for trusses out in the market.

They purchased the building and completely renovated the inside.

LYNN KUTTER ENTERPRISE-LEADER A view of the production floor at Summit Structural Systems in Lincoln. The company has 45 employees. It opened in January.

Sims said the production to build trusses from beginning to end is completely automated. He explained the different machinery while giving a tour of the facility to chamber members and representatives from the construction industry, real estate companies, engineering firms and other businesses.

As an example, he said the plant uses an automated saw in which the computer tells the saw exactly what size and what angle to cut each piece of wood.

The process is designed to have minimal waste, Sims said. The company recycles waste by grinding it up to be used as mulch and shavings.

"We minimize every ounce of waste that we possibly can," Sims said.

Sims, a Lincoln High graduate, has been in the wood truss business for many years in Texas and the Carolinas.

"I made my way back to Lincoln, thanks to Jon Tuggle," said Sims, who lives in Prairie Grove with his wife and children. "I called it the Lord's timing."

Lincoln Mayor Doug Hutchens attended the ribbon cutting and open house, and said the business is a plus for the community.

"It's a big increase in employment opportunities locally," Hutchens said. "There's no downside to this business."

Summit has 45 employees who either work in the shop or in the offices. The building itself has 40,500 square feet.