Energizing Your Local Chapter


Tuesday, March 13 2018 1:00pm (America/Chicago)

Are you active in your local SBCA chapter? If not, YOU may be part of the problem - and the ultimate solution! If your chapter is “fizzling out,” join this group roundtable discussion to share ideas about how to re-energize your local network and get your chapter moving forward again. Some of the best connections you can make through SBCA are in your own backyard. Hear why Dave decided rebuilding a local SBCA chapter was a critical piece of opening a new component business, and get some tips on ways to engage with peers in your own market.


Dave Green has been active with the SBCA Carolinas chapter since it formed in the late 1980s and has served as its president for the past year and a half. Dave is currently the general manager of Carolina Structural Systems, a startup component manufacturing business in central North Carolina, and he has been in the industry since 1973. Joseph Maez is operations manager for Katerra in Phoenix, Arizona, and the current president of SBCA’s Arizona chapter. He grew up around the truss industry and has been involved since 1995.