Framers Gather to Connect & Learn in Fort Worth

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Originally Published by: SBCA Magazine — April 10, 2024
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In addition to SBCA’s Open Quarterly Meeting (OQM) in Fort Worth, TX, last month [March 26-28, 2024], the National Framers Council met on Wednesday, March 27, 2024, for a presentation and dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, sponsored by Hull Associates. Over 30 framers and staff were in attendance. The evening was filled with networking, invigorating discussions amongst the individual tables in the restaurant, and delicious food.  

While enjoying their appetizers and drinks, attendees watched informative presentations by NFC President, Chris Breedlove, and NFC Past President, Chris Tatge. Chris Breedlove presented on navigating the challenges of the current market conditions and planning through them, called “Survive Through ‘25”. It included details of strategizing and adapting to market changes amidst our ever-evolving market dynamics and how to take action both internally and externally to withstand and utilize the downtime.  

Following Breedlove, NFC Past President Chris Tatge, presented on a project site-specific safety plan, as an example of what safety measures can be put in place to comply with OSHA standards. The presentation stemmed from an OSHA Grant (Susan Hardwood Training Grant), where in 2016 NFC received $165,000 to teach framers in Wisconsin how to safely install roof trusses. This presentation was established from that grant and discussed that the practical way to perform roof truss installation, that meets the safety requirements of OSHA, is through a site-specific safety and fall protection plan.  

“It was wonderful to have so many framers attend the National Framers Council dinner and meeting in Fort Worth,” says Don Groom, SBCA & NFC member and CEO of TrussWorks LLC. “The presentations by Chris Breedlove and Chris Tatge were very informative and led to great discussions. The attendees seemed to enjoy themselves and were appreciative of the information provided.”  

The presentations encouraged collaborative discussions amongst the group, where attendees could further chat about what they see in their markets and about their experiences. The ability to meet in person in Texas allowed for further insights and connections – that is what these meetings are about. It gives people the opportunity to network and connect with those they typically wouldn’t.  

Both Breedlove and Tatge were very happy with the turnout and are hoping to continue these efforts at future events. “It was a great evening reconnecting with the Texas framers again and sharing a delicious meal, with engaging discussion,” says Chris Breedlove, NFC President, and President at Ace Carpentry. Continuing his sentiment, Chris Tatge, NFC Past President, and President at Dynamic Construction, says, “I thought it was a great opportunity to get the leading framers in the Texas market together, to network and learn.” 

The evening ended with delectable cheesecake for dessert, delightful conversation, and a deeper understanding of the Texas framing market. Be sure to join us for the next SBCA and NFC Open Quarterly Meeting in Asheville, NC, May 16-18, 2024.  

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