SBCA Announces 2024 Innovation Grant Finalists

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Originally Published by: SBCA Magazine — June 3, 2024
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Official Press Release

SBCA is pleased to share its second successful year of the SBCA Innovation Grant. With over twenty applicants sharing their creative ideas and innovations, the SBCA Innovation Grant Selection Panel chose five finalists that will exhibit at SBCA’s BCMC in Milwaukee, WI, October 7-11, 2024. These finalists will be showcasing their innovations live on the show floor for a chance to be selected, by BCMC attendees voting onsite, as The People’s Choice Solution for 2024.  

We are excited to announce the following finalists:  

CrowdBuildTwinBuild LVM by CrowdBuild is an innovative estimating tool that uses advanced vision models to convert 2D floor plans into precise, whole-house quantity takeoffs. Due to the level of precision, the output not only can be used for preconstruction bids, but is able to serve as a "single source of truth" for the entire life cycle of the structure. Currently, there is a functional web-based prototype with a beta launch planned for BCMC 2024.   

MiTek: MiTek Truss Validator is the first web-based tool for verifying the suitability of wood and Posi-floor trusses for specific projects. Launched in 2024, it helps designers and engineers quickly assess truss applicability, improving efficiency and confidence in their specifications.  

Paragon: Paragon’s cloud-based SaaS for wood trusses offers fast, scalable, and flexible performance directly from any web browser, without installations or updates. Developed since 2016, it uses cloud servers for efficient data processing and seamless truss job management.

Q4US: Q4US’s Universal Truss Manager (UTM) streamlines truss design file management, enabling quick uploads, organized searches, and easy sharing with authorized personnel. It offers multiple viewing options, detailed truss information, and AI tools for strategic decision-making. UTM integrates with existing systems to enhance overall truss manufacturing processes, with Version 1 launching on June 1, 2024, followed by Version 1.2 in December 2024. 

VIRTEK VISION: VIRTEK VISION’s Iris AI Panel Inspection System leverages AI and Machine Learning to enhance component inspections to Industry 4.0. Unlike traditional methods, Iris AI adapts and learns from millions of images, identifying anomalies in real-time and notifying operators with laser-guided precision. This system improves accuracy, reduces manual oversight, and streamlines inspections, enhancing product quality and operational efficiency. 

Congratulations to our finalists; and thank you to all who applied and shared their ideas and innovations!  

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