Video: Tips for Inspecting Your Safety Harness

Framing News,

Originally Published by: Safety and Health — July 7, 2023
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A damaged harness can be the difference between a near-miss incident and a catastrophic fall when working at height, the Infrastructure Health and Safety Association says.

The association has published a video tutorial to help guide workers through properly inspecting their fall protection harness. It walks viewers through the inspection process, from reviewing the manufacturer’s instructions to inspecting the straps and stitching, checking the deployment indicators, and examining buckles and grommets.

“With the number of incidents occurring on jobsites that require working at height, it’s crucial for every worker to have a thorough understanding of how to inspect their safety harnesses,” IHSA says. “Follow these steps every time you don a harness to improve your ability to work safe for life.”

IHSA is one of four sector-focused safe workplace associations designated under Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act. The video is the latest in its "Safety Talks" series.“