Allensville Planing Mill Rebuilding Plant After Fire

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Originally Published by: The Sentinel — September 20, 2021
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Editor's Note: Read this article for additional information on the fire.

It has been almost nine months since the loss of Allensville Planing Mill’s manufacturing plant due to a massive fire, and APM has released an update into its recovery process.

The company announced it has been able to construct a temporary facility to fulfill around 90% of the orders of roof trusses.

“The new building has allowed for two lines of Roof Truss manufacturing,” a statement from APM read. “We are currently building 90% of the trusses ordered and remain deeply grateful for our business partners who are helping us build the remaining 10%. We continue to be able to build 100% of the Wall Panels and Floor Trusses in converted space at Allensville.”

The company said it has begun the process of constructing a new permanent plant, and the site in Allensville is now prepared and ready for the building to begin. APM said the digging for footers is to begin this week and is scheduled to be finished by February 2022. The steel building is to be 150 feet wide and 350 feet long. It will house all manufacturing of roof trusses and wall panels.

The company aims to begin production in the permanent facility in the spring.

“The journey of the last nine months has required much flexibility with uncontrollable circumstances, patience for details and daily endurance for complications,” the APM statement read.

APM has operated from its Allensville location since 1959.