Alpine to Showcase Tools to Make CMs more Competitive and Profitable

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Originally Published by: Alpine — September 17, 2021
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The Building Component Manufacturers Conference (BCMC) will be kicking-off in Omaha on October 4, and Alpine is pleased to be exhibiting in booth 100. BCMC offers component manufacturers (CMs) the platform to see the latest software and equipment demonstrations, network with industry experts and explore educational opportunities. Alpine will be featuring innovative products to help make CMs more competitive and profitable.

“We’re so excited to attend BCMC this year and collaborate with our industry partners. We will be showcasing the latest tools and enhancements from the upcoming IntelliVIEW Suite Version 21.02. The new version features updates and tools that help maximize designer efficiency and overall productivity,” said Rick Tilelli, Alpine’s Director of Software Development.

IntelliVIEW Suite Version 21.02
Available October 8, the 21.02 release provides new ways to maximize productivity while improving overall user experience. It features major updates with a new truss collision tool, an enhanced 3D Viewer, automatic legend notes with customization for unique heights, quick, accurate definition of 3D room openings, a new truss properties manager and more. Designers will benefit from the ease and accuracy of the latest tools.

2D to 3D Seamlessly
The latest enhancements to STITCHER provide support for a wider range of drawing conditions, saving even more building input time while increasing designer accuracy. 


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Panel Creation Simplified
Design wall layouts, panelize, break, stack and build with minimal manual effort using iPanel. Version 21.02 includes updates to Power Edit, Sheathing Tools, and a new, easy-to-use padding tool to help create a gap between interconnected walls while maintaining the junction’s integrity.

Improve Shop Productivity
eShop Version 7.02, released in August, provides updates that improves the integration with third party equipment to collect more accurate data with less disruption to workflow. eShop Web Stations, a popular feature, allows crews to use Table Display to follow any selected Assembly Station (including Speedset) on any device with a chrome browser. Simplify production by allowing crews to set up alternative viewing locations that follow the master view of the truss being assembled.

Alpine Equipment
Alpine is an industry leader in computer-controlled truss cutting and assembly systems. “Our equipment is engineered to guarantee CMs high performance, quality-driven results,” stated Vennor Hackshaw, Business Unit Manager at Alpine. “As the industry shifts to automation to improve production capacity and combat labor shortages, we will continue to work with CMs to enhance our technology. This year we’ll feature the Alpine Linear Saw and AutoSet Plus Tables at BCMC, with live demos to showcase the agility and latest automation. The reliability and performance presented in the ALS will help bring truss cutting to the next level.”  


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Alpine Linear Saw (ALS) 4.0
The ALS takes cutting to the next level reducing labor, increasing production and the bottom line. No other saw in the market has the same impact on modern truss production. Designed for production efficiency, the ALS 4.0 requires only one sawyer for operation, and features an optional automated infeed system, beveling capability and wall panel marking. See it in action! We will provide several scheduled demonstrations.

AutoSet Plus Table
The AutoSet Plus is the latest in truss table automation improving production time. With set up in less than 25 seconds, this computer-controlled jigging system is engineered to be efficient and accurate. The automated steel pucks provide workers the ability to keep a consistent pace throughout the day, with higher accuracy and reduced employee fatigue.

Visit Alpine at BCMC in booth 100 or contact for a private software demonstration.