Editor's Message: Retool, Refocus, Refresh

SBCA Magazine,

BCMC offers you opportunities for all three

The downside to having your foot buried on the metaphorical accelerator for the past two years is your vantage point is mostly limited to what is right in front of you. Land the next job and design it. Procure the necessary material. Have the production capacity to meet each order and hire the workforce to utilize it.

It’s a constant juggling act, and your day-to-day activities are consumed by fixing the most pressing challenge. It’s exhausting. It’s arguably unsustainable. It’s also not the best way to get ahead. The real value of attending BCMC, SBCA’s annual trade show, is that for one week you are offered the opportunity to change your perspective and look around and beyond the immediate horizon.

BCMC is dominated by the exhibition floor. Tens of thousands of square feet devoted to the latest and greatest industry-specific equipment, products, and services devoted to making your operation more efficient and profitable. Not everything is for everyone, but it’s big enough that there is something transformative for every company who sends someone to talk with the exhibitors. It is by far the most efficient and effective way to retool any aspect of our business.

BCMC also offers a wide range of opportunities to gain fresh ideas. From industry roundtables with focused discussions on timely topics to education sessions led by industry experts and veterans, there are many perspectives to parse through that you don’t get exposed to in your daily activities. Peer-to-peer discussions with component manufacturers from across the country also abound, making BCMC the perfect place to refocus your thoughts and efforts towards growing your operations.

Finally, BCMC pulls you out of your workspace and places you in an environment intended to help you build a wider network of business contacts and friends through social activities. From playing golf to letting loose at Monaco Night and supplier-hosted events, BCMC week is filled with fun outings that help you relax and get refreshed.

If you haven’t registered yet, don’t fret! Just jump in your car and register onsite. If you plan on attending, I look forward to talking with you in Columbus!

About the Author: Sean D. Shields, Managing Editor