FastenMaster Announces Release of New Truss Bracing System

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Originally Published by: HBS Dealer — August 4, 2022
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The FastenMaster TrussBrace.

FastenMaster, a division of OMG, Inc., introduced TrussBrace, which it describes as a faster and safer alternative to temporary wood-based supports used to install roof trusses.

The FastenMaster TrussBrace is an innovative steel roof truss support that provides both lateral and diagonal restraint in one brace. This system allows framers to set, space and brace roof trusses in one easy step.

“It’s important to understand that lateral restraints alone are not adequate to resist buckling in a roof truss system,” said Charles Emma, new construction product manager. “The patent-pending diagonal restraint is where the TrussBrace system differs from other metal braces on the market and allows for a safer, faster installation.”

The system was designed by a former truss plant owner.

TrussBrace was engineered by Steve Szymanski, a former truss plant owner with over 30 years of experience in the industry, to keep framers safe and significantly reduce installation time. The product increases jobsite safety since it is easily installed from the bottom chord. Productivity is enhanced and waste is minimized by eliminating temporary top chord bracing that must be removed prior to sheathing the roof.

“We believe that TrussBRACE is a significant safety and productivity development for framing. FastenMaster is both proud and excited to be bring the TrussBrace to market,” said Nikki Long, structural business unit director.