Innovative Housing Showcase A Success

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 Originally Published by: SBCA Magazine — June 11, 2024
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Official Press Release

That’s a wrap on HUD’s 2024 Innovative Housing Showcase and what a success it was! Over 2,500 people walked through SBCA’s two-story home on the National Mall this past weekend, June 7-9, including stakeholders, builders, governmental officials and staff, industry people, and more. The excitement, energy, intrigue, and genuine concern for our housing market was invigorating – people want to know more about their options when building and housing in general; they want to have more efficient, effective, and sustainable ways to build and create affordable housing, and they want to do good for those in need. That was abundantly clear this weekend with the thousands of conversations SBCA staff had with those who walked through the house. This is just one step closer to getting the nation on board with the best way to frame: structural building components.  

We are grateful to have not only exhibited but also have had the opportunity this year to co-sponsor the event with the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD), alongside the International Code Council (ICC), the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), and the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI). We would like to thank all those involved in making this event such a success. Specifically, Dan Hardcastle, Tanaya Srini, and Mike Blanford with HUD, Todd Richardson, General Deputy Assistant Secretary of Policy Development and Research at HUD, Soloman Greene, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary at HUD, FHA Commissioner Julia Gordon, and Adrianne Todman, Acting Secretary at HUD. It really was a great turnout and showed all the exhibitors that people want more innovative ways to address housing.  

We thank 84 Lumber for partnering with us for this year’s build, framing the house onsite and supplying all of the components and materials used to frame the house, including the windows and doors. Additionally, we’d like to thank MiTek for partnering with us and helping to supply the marketing signage and AV at the event, and Simpson Strong-Tie for providing hardware. Also, thanks to BeLit/Apex/True Design Studios for the architecture and engineering of the house design. This would not be possible without the help and support of our SBCA and NFC members, in addition to the SBCA staff. A shout out to Sean Shields and Christine Wagner for the planning, organizing, and marketing of this event; Molly Butz, Ashley Baker, Abby Langenberg, Christine Wagner, and Jess Lohse for being onsite for the weekend’s event and welcoming over 2,500 people into SBCA’s two-story home and answering every question each person had throughout the weekend event.  

This event is just one way SBCA is working towards its strategic plan to innovate and adapt and demonstrate expertise. Check out some of the innovative attributes of SBCA’s Innovative Housing Showcase exhibit.  

Now that the Showcase is complete, 84 Lumber’s framing crew is deconstructing the two-story home and it will be transported to Waynesboro, VA, where it will be donated to Habitat for Humanity-Waynesboro, and reframed as two separate single-family, one-story homes for two deserving families in need.  

Thank you to all those who came out to the Innovative Housing Showcase, those who made the event possible, and those who helped execute it. What a rewarding feat and a fantastic turnout!  

Did you miss us on the Mall? Watch our timelapse of the build going up in under eight (8) hours here!  

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