January 12, 2023: Market Healthy as Early Year Buy Starts

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Justin Binning and Ken Timmins with American International Forest Products (AIFP) provide a snapshot of the current lumber market. Buyers are cautiously re-entering the market as the year starts, following a four-weeks off, two-weeks on buying pattern. Justin suggests studs will likely move upward in the short term, with web stock moving with it; chord stock costs will be size and grade dependent. Both guests agree it makes sense to secure a 45-day inventory given the market will likely remain very stable and deal-oriented over the short term. They also discuss the potential impact of mill curtailment in the U.S. South. Justin has been with AIFP since 2010 with a focus in Southern Yellow Pine and Ken has been with AIFP since 2017, specializing in Fir species. Both specialize in high grade lumber for the component manufacturing industry.