May 12, 2021: Lumber Market Reflects Positive Construction Outlook

Lumber Connection,

Justin Binning and Ken Timmins with American International Forest Products (AIFP) provide a snapshot of the current lumber market. Both experts agree the current trajectory of the lumber market is a reflection of the positive outlook the construction supply chain has about current and future demand. They talk briefly about tariffs on imported Canadian softwood lumber and other potential federal interaction and how any action now is too little too late. The current constraints on lumber production have more to do with systemic labor and logistic limits that are the result of the last housing bust and very slow recovery.  They agreed that every mill is operating at full capacity given the systemic constraints and supply will still be limited. Justin has been with AIFP since 2010 with a focus in Southern Yellow Pine and Ken has been with AIFP since 2017, specializing in Fir species. Both specialize in high grade lumber for the component manufacturing industry.