SBCA Magazine,

Every successful team needs a skipper who can provide sound on the field management, as well as a front office who can provide strong strategic leadership. At BCMC 2021, outgoing SBCA president Mike Ruede will pass the gavel to new president, Gene Frogale, who will lead the organization for the coming year. Joining him will be fellow officers Jeff Taake as treasurer and Larry Dix as secretary. To give you a sense of this new leadership team, below are baseball card-sized summaries of their careers and goals for the association.

Gene Frogale, President

Annandale Millwork and Allied Systems

Years in the industry? Our company started building wall panels 33 years ago.

Years involved in SBCA? We went to our first BCMC that first year in 1990. I got involved with the Capital Area Chapter in the mid-1990s, I went to my first SBCA meeting in 2010, and I got intensely involved about eight years ago.

The primary way SBCA has provided you value in your career? It’s all about the technology and equipment, and how they have allowed us to innovate. The people we have been able to connect with through SBCA meetings and BCMC has allowed us to continually innovate our operations and grow our business. We never could have done what we’ve done without being able to meet so many people who took us under their wing and taught us how to do things better. Once I started going to meetings on a regular basis, the friendships I’ve developed have really pushed me to get better.

Your primary goal as SBCA president? I see the year ahead as a whole new ballgame! I think that Digital QC is incredibly important, and I look forward to being able to get our members using that program. I think a lot can be accomplished through our SBCA Strike Forces, and I want to support those groups and reap the value of their leadership this year. I’m also a membership guy. There are too many operations that aren’t members of our great organization and I want to reach them and help them understand why they’re missing out.

What is your favorite product our industry sells? My default is always wall panels, but I’d have to say attic trusses because they add so much versatility to home plans.

Jeff Taake, Treasurer

Mead Lumber Company

Years in the industry? I started in the industry 30 years ago.

Years involved in SBCA? I first became active in the Iowa Truss Manufacturers Association in the early 2000s, which helped me see the bigger picture. I then attended my first BCMC 18 years ago.

The primary way SBCA has provided you value in your career? For me it’s all about the ability to network with leaders in the industry. Everyone is so open and willing to share how they do things at the SBCA meetings and I have gleaned so many things over the years and taken them back to my organization.

Your primary goal as SBCA treasurer? I want to continue to create transparency in the association’s financials and look at our cash reserve investment strategies in order to be a good steward of our member’s investment in the association.

What is your favorite product our industry sells? In my experience, a truss isn’t a truss isn’t a truss. There is so much that does into every truss our industry manufactures, so my favorite thing we “sell” is the excellent service we provide to our customer on every job.

Larry Dix, Secretary

Apex Truss

Years in the industry? I started building trusses 35 years ago.

Years involved in SBCA? I gave my first presentation on behalf of the industry in 1989, but only became really active in the association six years ago.

The primary way SBCA has provided you value in your career? I think it’s all about the relationships because you get back ten-fold what you put in it. For instance, I just talked to a friend I met in 1993 through BCMC, and it proved incredibly helpful. On countless occasions, SBCA has given me access to information from people who are going through the same thing I am, and that knowledge is priceless.

Your primary goal as SBCA secretary? Having had the opportunity to work with the SBCA executive committee for the past year has really helped prepare me for serving as an officer this year. My main takeaway is that we are literally the servants of the organization. For me, I want to communicate to everyone more effectively exactly what the executive committee does, and what the board does, and how they bring value to every member of the association.

What is your favorite product our industry sells? It’s got to be attic trusses. They provide the highest value per square foot for a house under construction—it’s virtually a free room. We build a ton of them here at Apex and I love it!