Safety Roundtable: Highlights of the 2018 SBCA Safety Survey


Tuesday, November 27 2018 1:00pm (America/Chicago)

This year, SBCA asked component manufacturers to take part in the first annual Safety Survey. Join Safety Committee Chair Jason Ward and Molly Butz from SBCA staff as they share statistics and feedback from the 2018 survey. Take this opportunity to learn about the safety topics and concerns affecting your industry peers, then share your experiences, make suggestions, or ask questions during the roundtable discussion.

Download a PDF of the SBCA Safety Survey Highlights Presentation slides.


Jason Ward is VP of HR & Safety at California TrusFrame LLC in Perris, California. He has been SBCA's Safety Committee Chair since 2016 and recently joined SBCA's board or directors. Jason is also an active member of the Emerging Leaders Committee.

Molly Butz worked with CMs to develop the original SBCA Operation Safety Program and has over 13 years of experience helping CMs develop and maintain safety best practices.