Thousands Attend 2nd Innovative Housing Showcase

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Originally Published by: NAHB — June 17, 2022
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“NAHB’s efforts to find lasting solutions to the housing affordability crisis include educating policymakers and the public on new housing innovations and the building technologies helping to make homes more affordable and more resilient during natural disasters,” NAHB Chairman Jerry Konter shared. “NAHB has been proud to partner again with HUD to highlight technologies and solutions changing the housing industry.”

Building on the first Showcase event in 2019, this year’s event featured more than a dozen exhibitors of innovative building technologies — including full-size prototype homes — that address affordability and resiliency, and emphasize energy efficiency and sustainability.

“We just can’t continue to build the houses we grew up in,” Sec. Marcia L. Fudge stated to Bloomberg. “These houses are more efficient, more resilient. But the other thing is, we need so much new housing. These can be built quickly, installed quickly. They are at a great cost point. And so it is a big part of the solution.”

Exhibitors counted a total of more than 18,000 visits throughout the weekend as the public toured the displays across the Mall.