TPI Elects MiTek's Miller as New President

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Originally Published by: Truss Plate Institute — February 22, 2024
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The TPI Board convened in sunny Phoenix, AZ in December 2023 for their annual end-of-year meeting and Scott Miller was elected as the new TPI president for the upcoming two-year term. Scott's vision is to showcase TPI's engineering prowess and expand the organization's reach both within and beyond the wood truss industry. He firmly believes that TPI possesses a wealth of technical knowledge that is not yet widely recognized.

During the meeting, the TPI Board had the opportunity to collaborate with the TPI Engineers. Together, they reflected on the successful completion of various projects in 2023, delved into ongoing technical initiatives, and laid out ambitious plans for 2024. Notable achievements from the previous year included the release of the new ANSI/TPI1-2022 standard, the finalization and publication of the TPI 2 truss testing standard, and the update and publication of the Commentary for the revised ANSI/TPI 1 standard.

The group also engaged in discussions about a range of testing projects that the TPI Engineers have been working on. These projects encompassed a diverse array of topics, such as a investigation into plate back-out and repressing, which promises to shed light on grip strength change in re-pressed connector plates affected by weathering.

Furthermore, the TPI Engineers presented preliminary data from ongoing testing projects that originated from the TPI 1 update project. These included investigations into the impact of a 1/8-inch gap on connector plate shear strength, as well as comparisons between roller press and hydraulic press connector plate grip values. The engineers plan to continue these projects throughout 2024, with the goal of summarizing their findings by year's end. TPI is looking forward to another productive year in 2024.