UFP Signals Pressure Treated Wood Will Be More Costly

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Originally Published by: HBS Dealer — December 16, 2022
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ProWood, the brand of UFP Retail Solutions that produces pressure treated wood products, reported that increases in chemicals will result in rising prices of materials.

Increases in the cost of chemicals used in ProWood products is pushing sales price increase.

According to ProWood, as chemicals and other costs rise, the company will be increasing its prices to customers by 15% to 20%.

Prior to the announced increase, ProWood said it attempted to keep prices in line by taking a hit from increased costs. 

“Over the last several months we have absorbed broad increases in raw materials costs,” said  ProWood Executive Vice President Ryan Kemp said. “We cannot continue to do so while maintaining our commitment to our stakeholders, including our customers, for long-term success.”

Kemp noted that “these unparalleled moves” reflect pass-along market increases from chemical suppliers who blame global raw material shortages, and instabilities, as well as increasing energy, labor, and logistic costs.

“We strive to provide the best value in the market and know that even with these price increases we will be providing an excellent value for our customers,” Kemp noted.

The manufacturer said that proper price management will ensure continued supply of ProWood products. Specific increases will vary depending on geographic region, solutions offered, and markets served, Kemp said.

ProWood is a brand of UFP Retail Solutions, LLC, a UFP Industries company, provides a wide array of treatment options allowing it to provide products that offer protection from the elements for building professionals and do-it-yourself homeowners. 

Based in Grand Rapid, Mich., UFP Industries is a holding company whose operating subsidiaries – UFP Industrial, UFP Construction and UFP Retail Solutions – manufacture, distribute and sell a wide variety of value-added products used in residential and commercial construction, packaging, retail, and other industrial applications worldwide. 

Earlier this year, ProWood introduced new product designations as well as new lumber end tags and unit placards to help consumers select the best lumber for their project. ProWood has multiple product lines, each with its own intended application.