Brooks Delves Into Supply Chain Concerns

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Originally Published by: LBM Executive — March 6, 2023
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Greg Brooks, editor of LBM Executive, follows up on recent analysis done by Zonda’s Todd Tomalak.  He writes, “It’s common knowledge that the supply chain—ours and everyone else’s—got run over by a dump truck when COVID hit in 2020. Initially we thought we’d be back to normal sometime this year if not before. Then Russia invaded Ukraine and set off Cold War 2.0, which now has the entire planet’s shorts in a knot…Now both the backlog and the excess savings are shrinking. At some point in the not-too-distant future—maybe the latter half of 2023—they’ll no longer have the horsepower to keep the housing market going. When that happens, production planning will get dicey again.”

His full analysis of the global supply chain, and how it relates to the building material industry, is available here.