Caribbean Services Looks to Bring CFS Tiny Homes to U.S.

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Originally Published by: SBCA Magazine — June 13, 2023
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Caribbean Services & Development Inc Ltd. applied to SBCA’s 2023 Innovation Grant for its Tiny Home Island Living concept. While it did not receive a grant this year, SBCA wants to celebrate the innovative idea it put forth in its application and encourage component manufacturers (CMs) to think about how they might benefit from the ideas being put forth by Caribbean Services & Development. 

Product Name:

Tiny Homes Island Living 

What is innovative about this concept: 

We have used our proprietary CFS build system to design a range of tiny homes for export to Jamaica, where we will use ours and local labor to build out the range (and include van builds) to create attractive villages and options for lease of self-sufficient tiny homes to the Jamaican diaspora. This concept can be translated and implemented here in the U.S. as well. 

To learn more about this tiny house concept, view this video