DAISY AI May Revolutionize Structural Wood Design

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DAISY AI, an artificial intelligence design software platform, applied to SBCA’s 2023 Innovation Grant.  While it did not receive a grant this year, SBCA wants to celebrate the innovative idea it put forth in its application and encourage component manufacturers (CMs) to think about how they might benefit from the ideas being put forth in the DAISY AI software. 

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What is innovative about this concept: 

DAISY is the first fully automated timber construction design software available on the market. The process of designing a timber floor is very complex and takes structural engineer on average 2-3 hours. DAISY AI outputs a fully optimized and code-compliant design in under 10 minutes, and it can work 24/7 meaning you now have an unlimited design capability. Engineers can now upload your empty floor layouts into DAISY before going home in the evening and come to work in the morning with your designs being ready in your inbox. 

In 2023 and beyond DAISY will be expanding its design capabilities to include walls, roofs and eventually the whole house design. 

To learn more about this concept, view this video, and visit their website at https://daisy.ai/.