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Originally Published by: Advanced Component Solution — May 30, 2023
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Advanced Component Solutions, based in Cincinnati, Ohio, applied to SBCA’s 2023 Innovation Grant for its Squote and Squofe software packages. While it did not receive a grant this year, SBCA wants to celebrate the innovative idea it put forth in its application and encourage component manufacturers (CMs) to think about how they might benefit from the ideas being put forth by Advanced Component Solutions.

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Product Name: 

Squote and Squofe 

What is innovative about this concept: 

Squote makes it possible to complete a roof truss or floor truss quote in minutes without spending hours of designer time. The same information that is arrived through hours of laying out walls, inputting roof planes and trusses and then engineering trusses can all be eliminated with Squote and the same information can be attained in minutes. in addition, the user does not need to be a truss designer.  

Squote uses the customer's lumber inventory and plate inventory. Squote also uses the customer's costing and pricing schemes. Squote is backed up with the major plate suppliers engineering and handles just about any type of truss. With Squote the user can also change the type and family of truss. 

Updating a roof pitch on a quote can be done in seconds. Changing the roof style from a gable to a hip can also be done in seconds. There is so much more that Squote can accomplish in minutes that would take a designer hours to get done. Squofe is the same application only it is with floor trusses and not roof trusses. 

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