BCMC | FS Introduces Exhibitor-Led Education Sessions

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Originally Published by: SBCA Magazine — August 1, 2023
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BCMC | FS show is happy to announce the addition of exhibitor-led education session on Tuesday afternoon, just prior to the Industry Roundtables and happy hours. This is the first year SBCA has solicited proposals for education provided by suppliers and several companies submitted proposals. A panel of component manufacturers judged the proposals, which were redacted to hide the identity of the companies, and they chose the following sessions based on the value of their proposed content: 

Title: The Current Market Transition of Construction: Prefabrication and Building Automation 

Presenting Company: Stiles Machinery 

Time: Tuesday, 1-1:45pm, Room 143-145 

Summary: In this session, representatives from Stiles and Weinmann will explore how European trends in industrialized mixed-use residential and light-commercial construction may present opportunities for U.S. component manufacturers and how today’s fabrication techniques can benefit this approach to construction. 

Title: Trends in Capital Availability and M&A for Component Manufactures 

Presenting Company: Whelan Advisory 

Time: Tuesday, 1-1:45pm, Room 140-142 

Summary: In this session, multiple presenters from Whelan Advisory will cover current trends in what component manufacturers are doing to drive incremental value-add to the business from an investor or buyer perspective. They will also share how to access the least expensive growth capital and prepare a business to sell for peak valuation. 

Title: Component Manufacturing Should Not Be Operated as an LBM Supplier  

Presenting Company: Todd Drummond Consulting 

Time: 1-1:45pm, Room 137-139 

Summary: In this session, Todd Drummond will call upon 20 years of experience in sharing how component manufacturers can increase their profitability by correctly relating their operations to work minutes. Todd will also address overall workforce development and how to attract, retain, and incentivize today’s employee pool. 

Title: The Future is Now: Unpacking Digital Transformation for Truss Manufacturers 

Presenting Company: Q4US 

Time: 2-2:45pm, Room 140-142 

Summary: In this session, Q4US will seek to demystify concepts such as digitalization, data intelligence, machine learning, and AI in the context of a component manufacturing operation. Through hands-on activities, you will learn to craft a digital transformation roadmap tailored for your organization and discover how to identify essential stakeholders, processes, data sources, and software tools to drive this transformation.   

Title: Unleashing the Potential: Panel Discussion on Robotics and the Evolution of Component Factories 

Presenting Company: 4Ward Solutions Group 

Time: Tuesday, 2-3pm, Room 143-145 

Summary: In this session, panelists from four leading construction robotics companies: House of Design, Trussmatic, Randek, Brave Control Solutions will cover the current state of robotics, as well as where development is trending. Panelists will also discuss important metrics associated with advanced automation and explore how to establish goals associated with robotic fabrication.