Component Connection

This podcast focuses on everything from production and marketing best practices to risk management and leadership tips.

We are interviewing fellow component manufacturers and industry experts and teasing out valuable nuggets you can use to improve your company.

You can listen to the podcast at your desk, in your car, while eating lunch, even while you’re falling asleep at night.  Whenever you choose to listen, you can absorb this valuable information when it’s convenient for you!  It's Off-site. On-air.

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“As truss designers/sales we tend to stick with what we know, which is often what we learned when we first started in the industry. I appreciate how the podcasts will bring current industry information to light and they tend to keep me on my toes and not let me get stuck in my old ways.” Anonymous avid listener

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Greg Griggs, Builders FirstSource, and SBCA board member Larry Dix, Apex Truss, discuss the value they receive from face-to-face meetings.

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Jason Blenker discusses transitioning the general contracting family business into Blenker Companies which operates five independently run businesses.

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Greg Griggs explores the latest efforts of SBCA to help component manufacturers grow market share and take advantage of opportunities in today's...

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Dean Rana shares how he grew his business and overcame challenges facing his market and the industry.

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Scott Ward is the owner of Southern Components and a past president of SBCA.

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