HI’s HPM Building Supply Celebrates Century Mark

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Originally Published by: LBM Journal — August 25, 2021
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HPM Building Supply, Hawaii’s local, fifth-generation, family-founded building industry retailer, manufacturer, and supplier, is celebrating its 100 year anniversary.

HPM Building Supply president and CEO Jason Fujimoto.

HPM has a long, storied history in Hawaii’s building industry. The company has survived two devastating tsunamis, which wiped out whole facilities and inventory, each time rebuilding and reestablishing itself, the company announced in a press release.

“HPM is grateful for the support of generations of customers who have chosen HPM as their main source for building supply materials over the last century,” said Jason Fujimoto, President & CEO, HPM Building Supply. “We look forward to continuing to grow and innovate our business to help others build and live better.”


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After a century in business, HPM is now a statewide organization, with branches and services on every major Hawaiian Island and 14 locations across the state. HPM is also 100% employee-owned by their more than 400 Owner-Employees, who share in the company’s success.

HPM is hosting an anniversary celebration that includes a commitment to accomplish 100 community acts of service, special centennial-related benefits, and activities to thank professional partners and customers, and statewide giveaways—the most recent of which will award one lucky winner with $20,000 of building materials from HPM towards a home project of their choice.


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